I'm obsessing about things right now, which is why I haven't updated the schedules for found a new serial to post.

Derik's Luck is almost complete, including getting a cover and seeing a print version.

Puppy Mill 2 is probably a month away from being complete. This one deserves a big post when it happens.

I also had to take on a commission (and finish a second) because of some unexpected expenses (car engine died in the middle of a trip). So this month is to finish the new commission, then to work on Derik's Luck and then stop obsessing.

I love big projects, but they also take a lot of bandwidth at certain points (mostly near the end). When I wrote Puppy Mill, the last 60k words were written in six weeks. The last 50k words of Derik's Luck was the week before I moved to another state.

Also, I need to rework the website. This is a big project and I'm getting stuck on it, but I'm finding it hard to expand certain things without doing those changes. However, as my boss says, that is not a “value-added” activity in that it does anything other than quality-of-life changes, so it hangs over me like a guillotine blade.

In short, I'm still alive, I'm still creating stuff, I'm just head's down. New chapters and stories are still coming out for patrons every month (8-30k words) but I still need to schedule the freebies.