Derik cracked open one eye, feeling an ache in his very bones. And a taste that clung to the back of his throat that he couldn't immediately identify. His eyes stared up at a mural ceiling meters above his head. For a moment, he wondered how he could afford such a large hotel room before he realized he had three separate bodies pressed against him. Soft bodies. Soft bodies with hard nipples. Turning his head, he looked to his right. Teri slept against his side, her breath tickling the hairs on his chest. There was an innocent look to her face, playful and sexy.

He groaned softly, not really willing to move his tongue or his fingers. Everything hurt; he never realized exactly how much work it could be to please every single woman in a harem.

Derik wondered how the baron did it.

And it was every single one. Over the night, they had forced him into service, his mouth and lips pressed against countless pussies and his fingers shoved into dozens of wet holes. His brief moment of release, emptying his aching balls into Teri's tight pussy had passed into memory.

He could see the morning coming, a false dawn coloring the sky above the harem. He considered climbing up to the ventilation or even the skylights, but the aches in his muscles made it hurt to twitch. Between Wendi's brutal beating and a night of servicing, he didn't feel safe climbing anything higher than his knees.

Sighing, he looked over at Teri. Her sandy brown hair tickled her nose as she snored softly. On the other side, Sherrel curled up with her back against him, her curvaceous ass pressed against his thigh. He could feel the heat between them, teasing his senses as much as their individual scents imprinted in his senses. His cock twitched to life, his balls aching even more as it took up to full height.

Then he realized he had to pee.

Carefully, he slipped out from the two women and staggered to his feet. In the morning light, the dozens of women sprawled out in silk and pillows, their naked bodies displayed for his pleasure brought a sigh to his lips.

“Even if I die today,” he whispered, “this sight was worth it.”

Scratching his head, he wrapped his long hair into his hand and made his way down the hall Teri took the night before. The feelings of exposure—knowing that someone could walk in at any moment—faded with the need to find a toilet. His bare feet whispered against the tile as he made his way down the hall.

Beyond, he found a large bathroom which he made use of, sighing with pleasure. He considered returning to the room, but his self-preservation rose up, and he decided to explore the suite of bathrooms.

A few doors down, he found a huge set of soaking tubs, each one four feet in depth and lined with wood. Steam rose up from the surface, highlighting the softly glowing runes that kept the water heated. They were design to ease the ache of bones and injuries.

He grinned at the thought of his tongue and fingers needing to soak. Then, he tasted his lips. Realizing that the flavor in the back of his throat was all the women from the night before, their juices fermenting in his throat, he found a sink and washed off his body using a rag. Then, he returned to the tub and slid into it, moaning as the hot water covered him.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good.”

He considered jerking off to release the pressure in his balls, but moving his hands took much energy. Instead, he leaned back and prayed no one would come in for at least an hour.

Naturally, a few minute later, he heard the scuffing sounds of bare feet coming down the hall. He groaned and lowered himself until just his head remained above the water. His hair spread out over the water's surface, obscuring him. More feet came into the bathroom and he listened to the harem women talking to each other. Their words were soft and playful, and he started to doze before a voice spoke next to him.

“There you are.”

Her voice surprised him and he looked up to see Sherrel peering down at the tub. She smiled with sleepy eyes and shrugged off a thin silk robe before slipping into the water.

“I almost thought I dreamed you.”

Derik's heart thumped against his chest, his eyes dropping to the water that swelled against her breasts.

She caught his gaze and smiled. “Last night was fun, wasn't it?”

He could only groan.

Her eyes flickered for moment, then she slid over to him to press one hand against his hardening cock, “I bet you didn't get any release, did you? Well, Teri helped you but you were going hours after that.”

Unable to speak, he shook his head. Then, leaned back when she caressed his length with her fingertips. “Why don't I help then?”

Sherrel purred, her hand jacking him with slow movements. Derik took a deep breath, letting the first flicker of a smile cross his lips. Her soft hand slid up and down in the scented water, bringing him closer and closer to an orgasm until he started to gasp.

Then a second body slipped next to his as Teri sat down heavily and splashed him. “Still here?”

Derik jumped, then blushed. He sat up and Sherrel pulled back her hand, abandoning him as his pressing orgasm faded quickly.

Teri grinned, her perky breasts standing out of the water. “Sorry about last night.”

He could only groan again.

“I'm impressed you made it so far, you were a really good sport,” she smirked, “Are you sure you haven't given head before?”

Humiliation rose up inside Derik, reminding him of his helplessness as she forced him into action. Each woman who woke up and that act of pressing her sperm-filled pussy to his mouth. Tears filled his eyes and he looked away, vowing to never think of this moment in his life again.

Teri leaned back, spreading her legs out into the water. He watched as her hand swished along the surface, playing with his long, black hair.

“Well, you are a fast learner anyway.”

Suddenly, she sat up and pulled him close. Derik tried to look away, but she pulled his chin to face her. Before he could pull back, she kissed him, closing her eyes as she did. He lost himself, his hands twitching as she wrapped her soft, perfumed body around his, grinding her hips against his side. One hand delved down into the water and brushed against his aching member.

When she broke, she purposefully glanced down. Her fingers teased his length for a moment, circling around the swollen head. “Oh, you enjoying this.”

Sherrel giggled. “I think he needs to come.”

Teri started to jack him, sliding her palm up and down. “This help?”

Derik shuddered and nodded.

Sherrel pouted for a moment, then reached over, joining her hand with Teri and teasing his balls, tugging on his hairs and running her finger in the area between his ass and base.

He clenched, shifting her out of position.

Sherrel chuckled but pulled her fingers away from his anus.

Just as he almost reached another orgasm, he heard three more enter the room.

“Oh wow, he's real!?”

“What is Madre going to say?”

“Here, let me in.”

Hands pulled away from his aching cock as the newcomers joined them in the water, sloshing as they wiggled next to each other. Five pairs of eyes focused on him, then more as more of the women filtered into the room. Seeing him, they stared in shock and remembered pleasure as they filled all the tubs. More bodies slid into his own tub and he was jostled into the center, surrounded by breasts, bodies, and teasing hands. They caressed him, fingertips against his manhood and balls, but never giving that release he desperately needed.

“What is your name?” asked Graf.

“Um, Derik,” he answered.

“Oh, sounds pretty.”

“How did your hair get so long?”

“Why are you here?”

“Why were you naked?”

More questions came and he tried to answer them, avoiding the exact reason he was in the harem in the first place.

“Are you going to spend the night?”

The idea of pleasuring all of them again, being shoved into pussy after pussy, left him cold inside. He ached and he wanted to forget this as fast as he could. “I… I'd rather not.”

Teri ran her fingers through his hair. “We should probably help him out, he did,” she grinned, “pay for our services.”

One of the women made a dramatic pout. “I didn't come last night.”

Another woman crawled over Derik, her slick breasts teasing his cock for a moment and causing it to twitch, before slipping into the speaker's lap. “I'll make you come.”

They giggled and started to kiss, which did nothing for Derik's aching hardness. Derik watched, his body growing hotter and his cock screaming for release.

Sherrel leaned over him, speaking to Teri. “What are we going to do?”

Teri cocked her head for a moment. She ran a finger along her breast before answering. “I say, we hide him until Madre does her rounds, then wrap him up in clothes and sneak him out the back door. It's early morning, so Tornsin is on duty and easily swayed with a little bit of tit.”

To make a point, Teri reached over and hefted one of Sherrel's larger breasts, thumbing the larger nipple until it perked up. They both giggled and regarded Derik.

“Sound good?”

He had no clue. “Um, yeah.”

Teri glanced down, then sighed. “Oh, sorry. You still need to come?”

Derik let out a soft whimper that halted the conversation.

Teri reached down and started to slide her palm down his shaft again. In two strokes, he was ready to come, then a frantic whisper cut through his pleasure once again from someone at the entrance to the tubs

“Madre is coming!”

In a flash, Teri's hand pulled away from his cock, and he was shoved into the back of the tub, away from the door. Women scurried to stand in front of him, pinning him against the back tightly with their slick bodies. He was thankful and claustrophobic at the same time.

A few heart-pounding minutes later, he heard someone coming into the tub area. She, this Madre, wore heels. The clicking on the tile sounded slow, measured, and infinitely dangerous to his well-being. One wrong thing and he would be slaughtered.

Despite his fear, he could only focus on the asses pressed deliciously close to his body. He shifted slightly, moving his aching cock to slide down the crack of the nearest one, Teri he guessed. In response, she pressed back to stop him, but didn't move his aching length from her firm ass.

He considered working his cock in, when they all spoke up.

“Good morning, Madre!”


Madre had a cheerful voice, with a slight northern accent of the Belkim region. He guessed she was in her thirties and could almost imagine what she looked like.

Someone asked her a question but it was quickly followed by others.

“What happened last night?”

“How was the baron?”

The room quieted down and he could imagine her gesturing for silence.

“Hamel is actually in a very good mood. His trip went well, and the girls are still sleeping off the trip back in the carriage. When you get finished, help them into the room and let them get some good sleep. The baron laid into them most of the trip and they are quite sore.”

A round of giggles.

“But, it appears that the roof collapsed in the great hall last night. Looks like supports failed under the weight of the mosaic.”

Derik's ears perked and he froze to make it easier to listen. The distraction of naked women made it hard, but he heard Madre's next words with chilling clarity.

“Two guards were killed when it collapsed.”

Ice filled his heart as tears started to burn his eyes. Slowly, he whispered to himself. “Fuck.”

There were gasps of shock. Teri's ass pulled away from him.

A suicidal urge to stand up filled him and he struggled to contain it.

One of the women spoke up. “Who?”

“Tornsin's brother, Thomas, and Old Gaff.”

He listened to the cries of sorrow and more of the women pulled away from him. His hands balled into fists as he stared at their backs, sinking into the water.

Madre, her voice brimming with sadness, spoke carefully. “It wasn't anyone's fault. I mean, it wasn't a thief or anything, otherwise they would have taken the Eye of Hamel. But, just in case, with so much damage, they are tripling up all the guards. So, stay in the rooms, I don't want our little family to cause any troubles. Do you understand?”

Agreements filled the room and Derik couldn't help but smile at the joy of knowing his decoy sapphire remained in place. After a few more questions, he listened to Madre leaving, her shoes clicking on the floor as she left.

But, just as he started to relax, he heard her turn around.

“Who is he?”

Derik's heart froze in place and he gasped softly.

Teri looked around. “Um, who?”

“The man in the tub with you.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck echoed in Derik's thoughts as he tried to crouch down. He wormed his away among naked limbs in an attempt to disappear. The sounds of her shoes coming closer, unerringly seeking him out, pounded in his heart as he cringed.

“I can hear him whispering behind you.” She spoke in a threatening voice, “I can hear his sighs. I can smell him in the air and I know he's behind you, Teri.”

There was a ripple through the bodies pressed against him before Madre finished, “Let me see him unless you want to see how pissed I can get.”

His heart nearly burst in his chest. Letting out a whimper, he tried to crawl into the bottom of the tub. The women shielding him hesitated, then he watched as they crawled out of the tub. Naked bodies dripping with water. Too soon, he was alone in the tub, naked and helpless, his black hair sprawled out over the surface and looking up at Madre, the mistress of the harem.

She had curves, was the first thing he thought of. Short, probably only a meter and a half in height, she had hair with red highlights, pulled back into a tight, professional bun. Two sticks stuck out of both ends of the bun; he thought he could see metal points on the end of them. Her dress, clinging to every curve of her body, stuck against her skin in the humidity. It was silk brocade, something Derik could easily have stolen from the most expensive of import business. Her shoes, matching perfectly in color, had relatively short heels, but they looked as serious as the stare she focused on him.

“Stand up.”

When he didn't respond, she repeated it, barking it out as a command. Derik staggered to his feet, water dripping off his body and streaming down his hair as he stood on a step.

Her eyes narrowed and she snapped her fingers, pointing to the ground in front of her.

Derik, blushing hotly, covered his groin with his hands and exited the tub, standing where she pointed.

“Don't move,” she commanded.

Derik shivered with fright, looking around at the others. They watched, sprawled out on the sides of the room or in the tubs. Naked bodies and curious eyes, all focused on his nude form.

Madre said nothing more, her eyes scanning over him. Her gazed burned directly into his chest, as if she could see his very soul.

An uncomfortable silence filled the room.

He squirmed, noting the depressingly few exits.

“Who are you?”


“Derik who?”

“J-Just Derik… madam. I don't have a family… name.”

She stepped forward. As she did, she lifted her hand and a translucent blade of force appeared in her hand. Beats of sweat formed on his body as she pressed drew it down and sliced away a few of the hairs on his chest.

He could feel force rippling off the blade, stirring the damp hairs on his stomach. He tightened his muscles, feeling terrified at the sharp end nearly pierced his skin.

“Did you fuck my girls?”

A single question, and he knew he didn't have more than a heartbeat to answer. Remembering the whispered conversation between Teri and Sherrel, he shook his head as he swallowed hard.

The tip of the knife never twitched.

“No, madam,” he lied.

“And that is the only reason you aren't bleeding on the floor. And if you ever try, I'll gut you and the girl who lets you.”

He didn't know what to say. “Y-Yes, madam.”

She glared at the others, her hair frizzing slightly in the humidity. “Right?”

As one, the women in the tub area spoke. “Yes, Madre!”

She turned back to him, jabbing him slightly with the magically created blade. “Now, what in name of the Seven Gods, are you doing in my harem?”

“I… um, fell, madam.”


“Madre,” he repeated.

“Fell from where?”

“The ventilation shaft, actually.”

“And how did you end up naked in the tub? Fall into that?”

She raised an eyebrow, but when she didn't stab him, Derik stuttered an answer.

“No, but I… I spent the night, but I wasn't planning on staying. I-I was trying to get out before someone saw me, then s-someone said I had to help them before I could get out.”

Her eyes narrowed again.

“That doesn't explain how you got in here,” she glanced over at Teri, “but that response does sound like one of my girls.”

Teri giggled and Madre focused back on Derik. “So, you spent the night here? Getting blow-jobs and hand-jobs from the pretty girls?”

She spat out the words, stabbing a bit deeper until a single droplet of blood formed at the tip of her knife.

“No! I mean, no, I didn't get a single one, madam.”


“Sorry, I didn't, I swear, Madre.”

“Then what did you do?”

“I… she made me lick them all.”

“You gave head to my girls?”

Around him, the girls nodded in assent along with a couple sighs of pleasure. He spotted a few of them stroking each other as they watched. Madre looked around in surprised, her eyebrows arched.

“Seriously? All he did was blow you?”

“And fingers, Madre, He has very long and nice fingers,” supplied Sherrel with a smile and a twist of her hips.

“He didn't get anything?”

Derik saw Sherrel look sharply at Teri, then shake her head. “No, I was giving him his first hand-job when you came in.”

Madre's eyes looked down to Derik's crotch, still covered by his hands. Her knife lowered as she gestured with it.

“Let me see.”

The last thing Derik wanted to do was expose his cock to that knife, but he hesitantly pulled his hands away from his throbbing erection.

Madre grunted, “A cute little cock, I see.”

Derik blushed hotly. Little?

The point of the knife went dangerously low as she used it to ease his cock aside to inspect his balls. “And you are telling me you broke into the harem, with a lame excuse of falling, to just pleasure these girls all night?”

Derik spent a mere second to consider his answer. It seemed safer to admit to that instead of accidentally killing guards with his efforts to steal the Eye of Hamel. Once again, he lied and very carefully said, “Yes, Madre.”

Around him, Teri and the others giggled and laughed, hands touching each other as they watched.


“Y-Yes, Madre, that is all I wanted,” he said while putting as much effort as he could into concealing his lie.

She stared at him and an icy ripple of fear ran down his back. Her eyes pierced him, holding him still as energy seemed to ripple off her. More sweat beaded her brow, then she lifted both hands, the knife suddenly gone.

“You're an idiot, Derik.”

“I-I know,” he said with complete and utter honesty.

She took a long deep breath before speaking up again.

“You also picked a very bad time to do this, boy.”

He flinched at the title, but said nothing.

“With the great hall in ruins and the Eye nearly unprotected, they are arresting any and all unknown people. And you, Derik, look very suspicious in this room.”

“I-I didn't steal anything.”

“I know, otherwise you'd be on a pike right now.”

He shivered at the thought. His body tensed at the memory of the sapphire just meters above his head.

She stared at him, then around the room. “So, the question is, Derik, do I turn you over to the guards, where you'll spend the next week in the dungeons as they ask why you slept in the harem?”

Derik let out a tiny squeaking noise. He clutched himself tightly, giving her a pleading look.

“Or,” she grinned at him, “do I let you play with my girls, earning every night until you can leave safely?”

The thought of days and nights at the mercy of the women send a cold shiver down his spine. He glanced over at Sherrel and Teri. At the sight of their grins, his fear and anxiety spiked.

He almost asked to be taken to the dungeon, but he regained his wits before his mouth opened. “I-I… please let me stay here?”

She regarded him seriously.

“You know that means you'll be pleasuring these girls almost every moment you are here, right?”

A twitter rippled through the room and he swallowed before nodding.

“Yes, Madre.”

“And you'll obey every command I give, every rule I state, no matter how much you don't want to?”

He nodded, feeling like he stood at the entrance to hell. She stepped next to him, the knife reappearing in her hand to press against his throat. “And if I ever, even for a second, think you have something else in mind, I'll have you throw in the dungeon or gut you myself. One attempt to escape, one hurt girl, one finger raised in anger, and you are dead.”

Swallowed in fear, he nodded.

“Y-Yes, Madre.”

After a second of holding his gaze, she stepped back and the knife blew away like mist. “Very well. You may stay.”

A cheer filled the bathing area but Madre wasn't done.

“And, to prevent you from being caught, you are to be treated like one of the girls.”

Derik nodded.

“That means you will dress like them—”

He froze in mid-nod, suddenly flushing.

“—and exercise with them, bath with them, and you will act like them in every way like a pleasure slave until the day you leave.”

She circled around him before stopping in front of him. “Understand?”

“Y-Yes, madam.”

“Madre. You are always to call me Madre. That isn't my name, that is my position here.”

“Yes, Madre.”

“Good. You accept?”

It was better than torture or death, even if he would suffer with the dirty task of pleasing them.


Madre suddenly grinned. “I suppose the best way to keep an eye on you, Derik, is to make you the 'new girl.'”

He didn't understand, but one of the girls behind her suddenly let out a sigh of relief as the others giggled. Madre grinned. “That means you some special duties starting tomorrow morning.”

Fearful, he just nodded.

“And the first is your hair.”

Derik clutched his long black hair tightly, looking fearful. It was his only point of pride, the long black length that cascaded down his back.

Madre shook her head sharply.

“No, that is beautiful and worthy of a truly gorgeous woman instead of you,” he flushed at that, “but I'm talking about this,” she pointed to his chest, “and this,” her finger lowered to his balls.

“It all has to go.”

Derik whimpered, “No…”

Madre's face twisted in a scowl. Her hand snapped out to grab his chin, turning him to look at the others.

“Do you see hairy women here?”

Looking over the dozens of naked breasts and the swollen pussies he had lapped, he knew there wasn't a single strand of hair below their necks. “No.”

“Then it would look strange to have a hairy girl in the middle of my room, wouldn't it?”

“Y-Yes, Madre.”

“Then, the hair has to go.”

Derik let out a sob as tears dripped down his cheeks, and his balls tried to crawl up into his body.