2023-09-12 - Tier Changes

To handle some of the changes needed by my subscription platforms, I'm rearranging my tiers (and bumping up the prices for new subscribers).

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  • 2023-09-12

2023-09-10 - Site Redesigns

The rest of the Curious Cabbit websites get a design based on this one, changes to the patron tiers, and a forking of stories to different sites to make them more topical (and safe to visit).

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  • 2023-09-10

2023-07-28 - Suspensions

My Patreon account was suspended and then enabled, therefore I'm going to change how I announce new chapters and batches. Plus, a few other life changes.

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  • 2023-07-28

2023-02-05 - New Website and Subscriber Changes

I did a website redesign, changed how subscribers can log into their accounts, and just random catch up from the last two years.

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  • 2023-02-05