Jacob and Sonji 2 1: Jacob and Sonji 2: The Web Ship

As Jacob was lost in his meditation, the ship he shared with Sonji found an abandoned ghost ship floating in space. Tired of him, she ventured out into the darkness, for loot or technology. What she found was thousands of tiny hunters, with only one thing in mind… her. As she is struggling against her rapist, Jacob goes out into the darkness to find her.

  • Alien/F anal bondage preg oviposition rape nc
  • M/Alien mental rape nc
  • Chapter
  • 11,323
  • 43 minutes

Good Deal 3: Market Value 36: Breaking the Ice

Kylie and Melody get to the party first, which was perfect as John and his slaves were all nervous about being master and slave in public.

  • MF/F+ oral pet inc
  • Chapter
  • $5+ patrons
  • 5,759
  • 22 minutes
  • 2024-02-14