Assigned Duties 1: Assigned Duties

Many years ago, there was a friendly rivalry between the high school's swim and football team. Tracy didn't realize that years later, the old football team would still hold a grudge for him. He found out when he lost his job and his old football rivals offered him a position on their boat.

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Cowgirl Blues 1: Cowgirl Blues: The Rodeo

Daril was on the run from the law. His fondness for using women in meals, usually at their own requests, frequently sent him moving from town to town, just ahead of the mobs. One day, tired of the running, he decided to follow the invitation he got years before. To a strange ranch in the middle of nowhere, next to the Dorza border.

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Jacob and Sonji 2 1: Jacob and Sonji 2: The Web Ship

As Jacob was lost in his meditation, the ship he shared with Sonji found an abandoned ghost ship floating in space. Tired of him, she ventured out into the darkness, for loot or technology. What she found was thousands of tiny hunters, with only one thing in mind… her. As she is struggling against her rapist, Jacob goes out into the darkness to find her.

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Just Borrowing 19: Returning Home by D. Sadie

The end of winter break is finally over and Lisha returns to her room to find that Penelope lost in pleasure.

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