Afternoon Hunting 1: Afternoon Hunting by D. Sadie

Clouds, a sky-blue dragon who called Fallow's Lane his hope, was bored and frisky. As he sailed across the idyllic valley, he spotted his crush, a rabbit woman named Gain, heading home. He decided to sneak up on her, but she had other ideas.

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  • Chapter
  • 4,583
  • 17 minutes

Apple Pie 1: Apple Pie by D. Sadie

Gwen is having a bad day when she catches a cold and has to stay home. But her husband, Ronald, has an idea of how to cheer her up. And it involves an apple pie.

  • MF rom
  • Chapter
  • 855
  • 3 minutes

Bait 1: Bait

On his birthday, Thomas finds out more about his girlfriend, and her boyfriend, in a plot that risks more than just his life.

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  • Chapter
  • 7,004
  • 26 minutes

Cowgirl Blues 1: Cowgirl Blues: The Rodeo

Daril was on the run from the law. His fondness for using women in meals, usually at their own requests, frequently sent him moving from town to town, just ahead of the mobs. One day, tired of the running, he decided to follow the invitation he got years before. To a strange ranch in the middle of nowhere, next to the Dorza border.

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  • Chapter
  • 9,428
  • 36 minutes

Daughter of Justice 1: Daughter of Justice

Kiba is a nasty girl of thirteen who uses her sexuality to throw good men into prison for life. The problem is, she is also the only daughter of a judge in Franome City. Sooner or later, someone is going to notice…

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  • Chapter
  • 7,845
  • 30 minutes

Ron and the Giant Squid 1: Harry Potter: Ron and the Giant Squid by D. Sadie

Ron, trying to save the day, finds himself at the bottom of the lake with a very lonely squid.

  • Chapter
  • 4,933
  • 18 minutes

Condom 1: Thriban's Condom

A young silfae named Silkshadow finds herself caught by a large, nasty, smelly thriban who has more than a light snack in mind.

  • MF/F reluc magic size
  • Chapter
  • 6,134
  • 23 minutes

Tickler 1: Tickler

Janie finds a quiet place on a beach to get some sun. A little place, far away from anyone who could bother her, or even interrupt her. Unfortunately, something very large decided to do more than just bother her.

  • M/F macro nc oral insert
  • Chapter
  • 5,978
  • 22 minutes