Afternoon Hunting 1: Afternoon Hunting by D. Sadie

Clouds, a sky-blue dragon who called Fallow's Lane his hope, was bored and frisky. As he sailed across the idyllic valley, he spotted his crush, a rabbit woman named Gain, heading home. He decided to sneak up on her, but she had other ideas.

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Cowgirl Blues 1: Cowgirl Blues: The Rodeo

Daril was on the run from the law. His fondness for using women in meals, usually at their own requests, frequently sent him moving from town to town, just ahead of the mobs. One day, tired of the running, he decided to follow the invitation he got years before. To a strange ranch in the middle of nowhere, next to the Dorza border.

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Ron and the Giant Squid 1: Harry Potter: Ron and the Giant Squid by D. Sadie

Ron, trying to save the day, finds himself at the bottom of the lake with a very lonely squid.

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Condom 1: Thriban's Condom

A young silfae named Silkshadow finds herself caught by a large, nasty, smelly thriban who has more than a light snack in mind.

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Pits and Spikes 11: Further Bites

As the hunger continues to ravage Ab, Sarisin gives up more of herself.

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Pits and Spikes 12: The End

It is finally too much for Sarisin. There is nothing left to give except her life.

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  • 2024-02-17

Pits and Spikes 7: Infection

As the infection continues, Sarisin realizes that she doesn't have a choice anymore. There was only one thing Ab could do to save her and she would have to give up a part of herself to do so.

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Pits and Spikes 8: Painful Recovery

Sarisin recovers from having her limbs bitten off with surprising grace, but she continues to weaken from her injuries.

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Pits and Spikes 9: Hunger

It only took three more days before Ab's hunger became too much.

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