Bait 1: Bait

On his birthday, Thomas finds out more about his girlfriend, and her boyfriend, in a plot that risks more than just his life.

  • F/M nc bd
  • MF oral cons cheat
  • F/M bd asa
  • Chapter
  • 7,004
  • 26 minutes
  • 2006-10-15

Condom 1: Thriban's Condom

A young silfae named Silkshadow finds herself caught by a large, nasty, smelly thriban who has more than a light snack in mind.

  • MF/F reluc magic size
  • Chapter
  • 6,134
  • 23 minutes
  • 2006-10-15

Tickler 1: Tickler

Janie finds a quiet place on a beach to get some sun. A little place, far away from anyone who could bother her, or even interrupt her. Unfortunately, something very large decided to do more than just bother her.

  • M/F macro nc oral insert
  • Chapter
  • 5,978
  • 22 minutes
  • 2006-10-15